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Friday, 27 November 2009


Professor D and RTillery are now on twitter. Follow di man dem pan twitter: RTKAL8 and professord. Brap

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Skank - Professor D

Professor D Rtillery Dezine and Pmoney @ Goonies

Hold Tight the Goonies Crew on This One ... LARGE

Friday, 26 June 2009

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Try My Angle TV

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


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Professor D

Professor D

Try My Angle Family

Professor D


Meet Professor D, a man of many talents. Gifted in the areas of linguistic gymnastics, beat making, singing and street poetry, Professor D has redefined and reversed the definition of a grime mc and calls himself an emirg (emerge) mc. Born from a musical background Professor D has always been one to play with words and rhythms in unique original ways. Through a frustration with the lack of good beats to rap over be began to produce his own tracks. His reputation and skill set grew and today he stands as one of the most in demand producers of grime in the West Midlands. Professor D has performed with the likes of Skinnyman, GZA (Wutang) and Drop the Lime. Also has performed at Arts Festival and Black Soil Festival (Amsterdam)

Professor D is also part of the theatre group Decypher Collective and in 2006 he became involved in pioneering the concept of ‘Grime Theatre’ and to date has performed at the BASS music festival (06/07). Most recently he was part of the UK's first ever grime theatre production, '8 Sixteen 32', as part of a four show commission for the Birmingham Repertory Theatre which sold out.

Professor D is aims to set up his business in the area of workshop facilitation for underprivileged youth who get involved in antisocial behaviour by helping them with their issues through music and video. His workshop facilitation skills are very professional and he loves to teach people his skills.

With a phenomenal work rate Professor D has made over 40 tracks this year and aims to have completed 100 by June. He is making a name for himself in the Dubstep scene and hosting a number of events around the country alongside Jason X, Dubmatic and Skinnyman. With the number of bookings increasing and more album projects Professor D aims to become the best in his field and be the first mc to hit the market on a world wide scheme.

'There's people who do this music thing and there's people who live this music thing... thats what diffrentiates a good artist from a bad one... I live, breathe and survive because of the musical fluid which flows through my veins'... Professor D




Hailing from Quinton, Birmingham, music was deeply embedded in RT’s upbringing. His father was a prominent member of the reggae sound clash scene and he was raised to a background of varied music. Influences.

Like many of his friends his passion for Grime was fuelled by listening to regional pirate stations. Local heroes such as Vader and GT inspired him to get on the mic and try his hand at Mcing. Quickly becoming an expert amongst his peers ,renowned for his rapid flow that stylistically took much lead from his ragga influences.

Regional championship were won and RT became a host on the clash circuit as well as running an internet radio station called heated FM. During this busy early period Rt, Decifer Soundz and LCB joined forces to initiate the now infamous Partners in Krime Crew.

RT’s career took a new turn back in the beginning of 2006 when he became involved in a project called ‘Decypher’. Out of over 80 participants his talent and commitment shone through and he was chosen to become one of the core collective. Together they have pioneered their own unique brand of ‘grime theatre’ and RT has performed at Arts fest, BASS Festival 06 and 07, Rootsville Music Festival and the Amsterdam Black Soil Film Festival.

Creatively, he has been proud to work with a whole host of innovative influences including Charlie Dark, Polar Bear, Leo Kay and Amanda Roberts and is currently touring the UK in Don Letts ‘Speakers Corner’ – performing alongside Skinny Man, Shane Selanki, Malike Booker, Yusura Warsama, Professor D and Dobie.